If Not NOW? When?

I started to write about our potty training saga because it was humorous.  Then I hear the breaking news in the background; another school shooting, this time in my state.  The school is about (2) hours away from my home.  

It feels like there is a shooting each week.  Many people seem to be desensitized to this issue. Each shooting makes me frightened to put my only child in the traditional school system.  I'm praying that I will have the opportunity to homeschool my #GingerSnap.  

The news says that there are 2 victims.  That is incorrect because the shooter is also a victim. I can't imagine a policeman coming up to this Mother and having to tell her 'your son was the shooter and he is dead.'  While a young girl clings to life and another boy is in the hospital.   

We as a nation need to have an OPEN dialogue regarding the gun issue. Everyone needs to work on this issue regardless of their political affiliations and beliefs. Our children need us for support and guidance now more than ever.  I thought when Sandyhook happened we as a nation were going to discuss the gun issue.  The victims of Sandyhook were teachers and children under the age of 10.  Many were 1st and 2nd graders. We need to do better by our children.  They need us to talk and act in their defense. They are our nation's future. 

Just my humble opinion.--A mom with a heavy heart praying for our nation and our children.


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