The Second Sunday of Advent Peace

Living in the United States after 9/11 and being a military wife.  I lived the first (10) years of my marriage with looming thoughts of war daily.  My husband and I celebrated many Christmas apart. 

When I leave my home, I come across much negative draining energy. I find myself longing to seek refuge and the only place I find peace is at home.  Yes, it’s noisy and I must go into the tub to pray the rosary at times, but home is peace.  It is where I know I can pray, eat, laugh and enjoy my family. 
It is not easy to stick to a routine.  Since my uncle went into the nursing home for rehabilitation after his coma.  I feel overwhelmed with taking care of the house, going to working, spending time with the little one, my husband and visiting my uncle to keeps spirits up
You must find a way to be at peace and be still during the day to keep sane in this fast-paced world.   Each morning I read a mediation from my e-mail subscription from the Catholic Company and I pray a rosary. 


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