He Did It

For those of you that follow me on Twitter a few days ago, I tweeted that it was easier for me to potty train my puppy then # GingerSnapToddler

Yet, early this morning while getting ready to go to daycare.  He said I have to potty, he sat down on his Mickey Mouse potty and ACTUALLY went potty.  He had a full bladder.  When I took off his diaper this morning it was dry.

Yes! I'm excited about this for many reasons:

-He stops hiding in a corner afraid of the potty and having many accidents.

-No more purchasing diapers (they cost about $50 in Costco)

-He is getting to be more independent

I miss the baby days, he will be (3) years old in January.  He is growing fast, I try to enjoy each moment with him.  I love when he comes home with Dan in the evenings and walks into the house, announcing  "Momma I'm Home"  while taking off his coat.


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