Happy Advent

It's the first day of advent and this home is chaotic. 
My mother flew back to Puerto Rico Saturday.  Yes, you heard correct she went back home.  Though Puerto Rico is in disarray, we all MUST REMEMBER this island is home to millions.  Many don't want to leave their homes abandoned. Puerto Rico will always be home for many, I included.

Sunday morning my aunt went back home to Florida.  I sent for her when my uncle, her brother fell into a diabetic coma.  My uncle has been transferred to a nursing/rehab facility, after a month in the hospital.  When he woke from his coma things were different he has memory loss, no balance, he's weak and can not stand for more than a few minutes.  

The house feels empty with the exemption of the active #GingerSnapToddler.  My uncle is an important person in our family.  He helps take care of our son, my son thinks of him as a grandpa figure, he takes care of all the little things I forget around the house and we consider him the patriarch of this little family. He is missed but we visit him often bring food, clothes, and spending time with him talking.  Trying to help him remember things.  It's been (34) days since he fell and now has a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

This holiday season is not turning out like I had excepted.  I keep praying for strength, patience, and for joy to spring up in the small things of everyday life. 

The first candle is for Hope.


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