Bye Bye 2017


2017, is almost gone 45 more minutes I'm not sad to see 2017,  go.
I had some good days.  Yet, those good days were overshadowed by Hurricane Maria destroying Puerto Rico.  She shattered my heart when my parents were missing for close to 2 weeks.

After Maria I had another family emergency, my uncle who lives with us fell into a diabetic coma and when he awoke he lost his memory.  He now in a nursing rehab facility regaining his strength and memory.

The good things about 2017, #Gingersnap is no longer a baby but a little boy with many toddler opinions and when things go bad I get great hugs.  My faith in God grew stronger though I encountered many trails this year.  

Also, my travel business keeps growing Amen.

Blessings to each of you.


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