A Child Never Leaves a Mother's Heart

My #GingerSnapToddler will be (3) years old next month.  Time has gone by quick.
Yet, these past few days I find myself thinking about our other baby.  In 2006, (7) months into our marriage we had a miscarriage.  Our baby went to heaven early into our pregnancy.  Yet, I think about that baby almost every day.

This weekend my son was getting into everything.  He ran around the church like a wild boy.  At home his toys and clothes were everywhere. This morning he was loud and whiney asking me to play with him. That is when it hit me my first baby would be (10) years old this Christmas.

I would love to have that child with me on earth. To hold, hug and talk to them. To see both my children interacting like silly siblings.  My first baby would be a great help to me with their younger sibling.  My #GingerSnap would have some to be with him when I’m gone.

I keep thinking was it a daughter or a son? Would they also have red hair and a loud laugh, like their little brother? What would be their favorite subject in school? Would they like sports or play an instrument?  My first baby would have been a year older then my beautiful niece.

I never met my first baby, but I think of them often.  They will always be in my heart especially, during Advent & Christmas.


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