The Season Of Advent Is Fast Approaching

Advent is fast approaching.  The #GingerSnap is aware of holidays this year.  This will be the first advent he can join in the celebration. I'm trying to get advent candles that are toddler-friendly.  I found this great advent calendar at The Catholic Company and these great batteries operated advent candles and Nativity Advent Wreath on Amazon. They should be here Monday, thanks to Amazon Prime.

I can't believe only about (7) weeks left of 2017.  Life is flying by I have to remember to stop and smell the roses.  Also, let go of anger and sadness.  Last week I spent 2 days in the hospital because I have gallstone issues with my common bile duct.  I have a stent in the CBD it gets clogged though I changed my diet and take meds. I have to get it changed about every three months.

Then last Sunday morning at 2 a.m., I thought my #GingerSpap fell out of bed he sneaked upstairs to sleep with his great uncle (more like his grandpa).  Yet, his screams were more then a fall.  When my husband went upstairs he found my uncle past out in the rocking chair. The paramedics checked his sugar it was (400), my uncle is diabetic, the high sugar has him a diabetic coma. My husband followed the ambulance while I stayed with #GingerSnap.  It broke me when he was standing on the chair looking out the window screaming dada, uncle.

After about what seemed like hours, he calmed down and I put him in bed with me. He then started talking "mama uncle bump his head and he had his small hand on his head."  He kept repeating it. I call my husband and told him.  It's been a week today and uncle has been in ICU this whole time.  

This quote has been in head all week: I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much. --Mother Teresa 

There is too much on my plate #Maria hurt my parents, the farm is gone, dad is devastated and it seems that he feels hopeless.  My health, now my uncle, as a small business owner I have no employees to help pick up the slack and #GingerSnap needs me, then I can't forget about my husband.  

I just been playing MercyMe songs, to help me make through this time, my favorite 'Even If' 


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