The Holidays This Year...

It's almost here Thanksgiving. As I have written before our families rent a home during Thanksgiving and Easter in Lancaster PA.  This year I'm melancholy  since #HurricaneMaria and now with my uncle in the hospital I'm struggling to see the bright side of things.

My mom's and uncle's younger sister Amelia came from Florida to be with me for (3) weeks to help me out while uncle is in the hospital.  Amelia is a beautiful soul her presence is calming.  

My mom flew in today from Puerto Rico to get some medical treatments and much needed rest.  (60) plus days with no water, power and little food has taken a toll on her and my dad.  Dad refused to come.  I had to give my worry regarding my dad up to God because after much tears and prayer I heard my mother in law say 'Let GO And Let God'  it has been emotional grueling to let go.

My uncle is improving but it will a slow recovery.  He finally started talking in 4 word sentences.  Baby steps.  Arthur-Ray asks for him EVERYDAY and my hurt breaks because he says "I go see Uncle at hospital."

I will start getting my Thanksgiving recipes and ingredients together tomorrow.  Much planning goes into packing up food, children, pets, husbands and myself for our trip to Lancaster.  

I will get to see my mom in a few days, I just wish my uncle would be well enough to travel.  I don't think it's in the cards this year. 


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