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Mary Undoer of Knots

I started this daily seminar from Good Catholic called Mary Undoer of Knots.  It's been helpful during these hurdles my family and me are facing.  I'm taking it slow because I want to immerse myself in each lesson.

I went back to the beginning of the course and try to do it twice a week.  I want to do a lesson a day but it feels like a busy train station in this house. I'm having a difficult time calming down and concentrating.   I know I need to learn to take at least 30 minutes to pray and reflect.  I'm working on it baby steps.  I dusted off a plague I got of Mary and baby Jesus in Spain and started my small mediation space on my night stand.

The Advent Wreath Tradition & Meaning

The Holidays This Year...

It's almost here Thanksgiving. As I have written before our families rent a home during Thanksgiving and Easter in Lancaster PA.  This year I'm melancholy  since #HurricaneMaria and now with my uncle in the hospital I'm struggling to see the bright side of things.

My mom's and uncle's younger sister Amelia came from Florida to be with me for (3) weeks to help me out while uncle is in the hospital.  Amelia is a beautiful soul her presence is calming.  

My mom flew in today from Puerto Rico to get some medical treatments and much needed rest.  (60) plus days with no water, power and little food has taken a toll on her and my dad.  Dad refused to come.  I had to give my worry regarding my dad up to God because after much tears and prayer I heard my mother in law say 'Let GO And Let God'  it has been emotional grueling to let go.

My uncle is improving but it will a slow recovery.  He finally started talking in 4 word sentences.  Baby steps.  Arthur-Ray asks for hi…

Handel - Messiah - by London Philharmonic (Complete Concerto/Full)

Getting Spirtuality Ready for the Holidays

This is a tradition for us to go and hear this live in concert.

Then there is the Nutcracker Ballet.

A Christmas Carol at the Ford Center.

Then there is a trip to Visit Bethlehem PA

With it Nativity plays and scenes

I Can Cook Again

Disclaimer:  I'm not an affiliate of the Air Fryer XL.  I'm not getting money to talk about their product.  I'm writing about the fryer because it may help moms with disabilities cook for their families or any busy mom for that matter.
Uncle Joey is the cook in the house since I can no longer stand at the stove. Since he is in hospital dinner fell on us.   I decided to put the air fryer to work.

I have to say it's easy to use and I don't have to worry about getting burnt.  
Homemade french fries are my favorite. They cooked in air fryer in 18 minutes. All I had to do was spray oil on the fries. We had Omaha steaks also made in the fryer I don't remember how many minutes.

No one likes salmon in my house but me so I got to make Salmon and Bok Choy.  The Salmon was excellent it was cooked through and not dry.

We also cooked pork chop but I forgot to take a photo. All you have to do is spray the food with some oil put it in fryer and use the automatic setting.  I turn t…

Happy National Redhead Day 2017


The Season Of Advent Is Fast Approaching

Advent is fast approaching.  The #GingerSnap is aware of holidays this year.  This will be the first advent he can join in the celebration. I'm trying to get advent candles that are toddler-friendly.  I found this great advent calendar at The Catholic Company and these greatbatteries operated advent candlesand Nativity Advent Wreathon Amazon. They should be here Monday, thanks to Amazon Prime.

I can't believe only about (7) weeks left of 2017.  Life is flying by I have to remember to stop and smell the roses.  Also, let go of anger and sadness.  Last week I spent 2 days in the hospital because I have gallstone issues with my common bile duct.  I have a stent in the CBD it gets clogged though I changed my diet and take meds. I have to get it changed about every three months.

Then last Sunday morning at 2 a.m., I thought my #GingerSpap fell out of bed he sneaked upstairs to sleep with his great uncle (more like his grandpa).  Yet, his screams were more then a fall.  When my husban…