Our Children Make America Great

There is much division in America these days. Many people are forgetting we are a land of immigrants. Last week in daycare the kids had to bring in items representing their heritage.

I loved reading the groups newsletter last week:

Child  A)  is from Minnesota and Nebraska and he brought two towels with beautiful designs on them and a book of each state and what makes them so interesting.
Child B) is from China, she brought a Chinese horse and a colorful book in Chinese. She also taught us how to say hello in Chinese.
Child C) brought a giant panda bear to talk about his Chinese heritage, and we learned about how special pandas are in China,
Child D) shared with everybody his dominos with the Cuban flag on them, and some pasta to represent his heritage from Italy!
Child E) brought a special interactive poster that helps him learn his alphabet in Amharic, Ethiopia’s language.
Child F) family is from Uganda. She brought a special and beautiful container to keep the milk fresh for the babies, with a handmade lid to cover it.
Child G) brought an American flag and a football to share with everybody. He also showed us his special outfit from the U.S. Army.
Child H)  talked to us about his Italian and Irish background. We had a lot of fun trying to learn how to count to ten In Dutch and Italian.
Child I) brought some delicious plantain chips from Puerto Rico to share with us. He also showed us some pictures to represent his German and Irish heritage.
Child J) brought a book about the months in Italian and her baby onesie with the colors of the Swedish flag.

I love that my son is surrounded by all these children with vibrant cultures.  I can't wait to see how my little one changes the world.


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