My Parents Have Made Contact

MY PARENTS ARE FOUND This past weekend my cousin spotted my dad in town but he was preoccupied looking for necessities and she didn't speak to him. We keep it to ourselves until we got more information. Since my mum was not with him. We were afraid of the worst because pop would not leave mum alone in this environment. Mum called my sister and spoke with her briefly yesterday evening. Mum said they were ok. They were getting water from a Spigot at one of the grocery stores about (7) miles from the farm. She said her ulcer in her leg burst open and she and pop were scared because she bled for a while until it stopped. Today made 12 days since I spoke to my mum. While working on some Disney bookings for clients. My cell rang it was mum. I began to shake because her photo and number were blinking on my cell. It was a quick 5 minutes emotional call with tears and fast-talking. We were afraid of the call dropping. She told me she loved me. Yet, the farm is gone only the house is standing. The dogs survived, the chickens and small animals are dead and they have no idea about the cows and calves they are missing. I have no idea how she finally got cell reception, but she said: "I'm standing on a mountain." She told me they found gas for the generator, the still have a bit of food and are collecting rainwater to bath and other necessities.

NOW I WILL TELL YOU MY THOUGHTS:  After analyzing mum's short (5) minutes conversations with me and my sister, I feel my parents are shell shock or suffering from PTSD. My mum was not making complete sense she stated that they can't leave. (We found airline tickets for them for this WEEK) she cried and said people will take what we have left. She said she needed to get to the bank and the doctor this week. I tried being gentle but firm that Puerto Rico is like the images or Barbuda (she saw it on TV after Irma). I thought it would jog her memory to be able to compare the islands. I said the banks not opening and I don't know if her doctor is there. I tried explaining the military has taken over. The governor is NOT in charge of Puerto Rico it's a three star General. I also said quickly that the insurance company was not coming to assess the crop loss. To talk to pop and think about coming for a few weeks to rest and have some basic luxuries of running water, electricity and food. Then a realized my pop must be a mess emotionally. He is too old to replant it takes (5) to (7) years for a coffee tree to grow and produce coffee he would be (75) years old at the possible first harvest. All this hard work of cultivating (25) acres for more than (15) year gone forever in less than (2) hours.There is no more to say I wish I had more information. I'm relieved that they are alive and surviving but I'm concerned with their physical and mental health. ME and my sister think it's a long shot that they will be on that flight this week. For (2) reasons: -Logistics getting to SanJua -Their reluctance of leaving what know and have left in this world.
Then again there is always a miracle.
I always tell mum it's magical Disney moments when we spent time together. I can't believe I spoke with mum today. I'm happy she called while I was creating pixie dust vacation memories for clients.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I was relieved to hear they called yesterday and today. You have strong parents! However, yes this is a traumatic experience so I am praying that they will take your advice and take some time away from it all. If they don't fly from San Juan, perhaps if your sister or you offer round trip tickets from Aguadilla they might just take the break. When you see your mom please give her a big hug for me. I love you all!

    1. Papi is afraid of the looters. He said I'm not leaving the alone. I have to respect his decision though it hurts. I'm selfish I want them with me.


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