My Loves For All Things Disney

Everyone that knows that  I'm Disney crazy.  Yes! I love the Mouse and EVERY DISNEY movie.

One of my favorites is Mulan.  I love the music and the story.  A young woman, in the beginning, was unsure of herself but by the end of the movie, she realizes her worth.  Mulan saved China and herself. As I write this blog post-Mulan is on Disney Junior. 

Movies like this and the joy of Disney is why I became a Disney Travel Specialist.  I get joy from creating the most memorable family vacations for my clients.  It's no secret I'm always saving for my next Disney adventure.  I also get asked for tips for planning a trip to Disney World.  The easiest way is to let me plan it for you.  Yet, if you want to book it yourself here are a few tips:

1. Think about what Disney theme park your family will visit the most.  Disney World is HUGE.
There are close to 26 resorts on property and 4 theme parks and 1 water park.  I usually stay at the resort closest to the theme I will visit the most on vacation.  

2. I always stay on property.  It's worth it and there are resorts for all budgets.  There is even a campground.  You can go camping and go to Disney World 

3. It's worth it to get hopper tickets.  This way you can visit more them one park per day.  I like to go to the Magic Kingdom with the kids.  Yet, go to Epoct in the evening for adult time. 

4.Dining plans, it depends on who is going with us.  If it's the whole family (grandma, grandpa, cousins, aunts and uncles)  we get a villa for accommodations.  Villas have kitchens and we have breakfast and dinner together at the villa.  That means for us the quick service plan works best.  If we are planning to venture out and eat at the many restaurants. We purchase the deluxe plan. 

5. Always go to your Disney Experience after you get your booking confirmation.

There is also Disneyland, in Californa, Disney Cruise Lines, and Adventures by Disney.  I want to vacation in China with  Adventures by Disney.  That is one of my bucket list destinations.  Can you tell I love the movie Mulan. 

I sell many vacation products buy Disney is my passion.

My favorite lines in Mulan

No matter how the wind howls the mountain can not bow to it. -The Emperor

A flower that blooms in adversity is the rare and most beautiful of them all .- The Emperor 

You don't meet a girl like that ever dynasty - -The Emperor


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