Is An Air Fryer Worth The Price?

YES! My uncle has become a kitchen gadget guy since he moved in with us three years ago. Vegetable slicers, baking pans, copper frying pans, can openers, we got it. His latest purchase was the XL Air Fryer.  He got it after watching the infomercial for the 100th time. We love to try out products and if they do not work like the commercial says we sent it back.

This whole chicken cooked in an hour.  Breast down for (30) minutes then breast up for (30) minutes.
The skin was crunchy and the meat was juicy.  No more over cook dry chicken in this house.  Clean up is a breeze a  bit of soap and water and rinse out the pan.

I love making this chicken because I use the leftovers in casseroles, soup or salad. And I freeze the bones until I'm ready to make stock.  We need to try other recipes. 


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