The Aftermath of a Hurricane

#Maria has decimated my home, Puerto Rico.  I have sent the e-mails to PRFAA, FEMA, and Redcross and just sit and wait.  I broke down in the office for the first time on Friday when a co-worker asked if I heard from my parents.  I sobbed and fell into a crumbled mess just saying over and over again "the photos coming to light show it all gone water is everywhere."  That is the moment I knew what it must have been like for all those people in New Orleans after Katrina destroyed NOLA (12) years ago.

I'm going bat crazy. It has been about (6) days since I heard my mother's voice.  Communication has been cut off.  News reports say it may take (6) months or more to have communications/power restored on the island. My mum told me Monday that since #Irma hit the week before there we little provisions in the stores.  Water and gas were being rationed in preparation for #Maria.  I asked about their medicine supply and the animals.  Mum replied "we have our medications for about a month and God will have to take care of the animals.  I know the rest of the crops will be gone" she wept.  She said she was scared, tired and overwhelmed.  I could no longer hold back and I wept with her.  

Since #Maria made landfall I have worried because both my parents have heart issues.  They are alone on  (25) acre farm that was just put up for sale because at (67) pop is tired.  I'm concerned about their mental state.  How did my pop react when he tried to survey the destruction.?  Are the animals dead?  Is pop trying to bury them? How is mum's blood pressure?  How is pop's blood pressure? These questions race through my mind all day. I call her cell to try and hear her voice on her voice message.  

I remember Hortense it sounded like a freight train off its track crashing, moaning, clawing around our house.  I tried drowning out the sound by covering my ears with my hands.  My head felt like it was going to explode.  I remember peeing my pants from fright.  I cry remembering Hortense and worrying about my parents' heart issues.

After I stop crying I remember all the cows had babies this summer Sienna, my niece raised baby chicks and some rabbits this summer.  She loves the country and farm life.  She was born a city yet on the farm she is in her element.  She loves riding horses and milking cows. I smile to myself.

I feel useless, helpless, frustrated and angry.  I think about composing my letter to report my missing family members.  It's not only my parents.  I have aunts, uncles, hundreds of cousins who are married with children and grandchildren.  Writing out their names, last known locations, and cutting and pasting their photos from their Facebook was heart-wrenching.  My body, mind, and soul hurt.   

Arthur-Ray is beginning to notice something is wrong he said "Grandma no call" when he picked up my cell  Thursday night.  My mum Face times with grandkids almost every night.  I told him maybe she is busy. He gave me a look that said I'm more important than her being busy.  

In less than a month the United States was hit with (3) hurricanes in the category 4 and 5 range. I have witnessed my #NOAAStrong coworkers working 24 hours handling hurricanes and wildfires.  The Weather Forecast Service Offices (WFO) in Key West needs to repair.  The San Juan WFO staff have been working for the people of Puerto Rico and have no idea about their families' safety or their own homes. Many in Congress don't believe in #ClimateChange or that #Scienceisreal. However, many in Congress are quick to bad mouth a federal employee's work ethic and always willing to cut funding. 

I watch the news and all President can rant about is the NFL and calling players Sons of Bitches. who all happen to be black. Yet, his base screams he doesn't have issues with minorities. What (3)  hurricanes and this is what he chooses to address.  Trump is NOT A LEADER.  The GOP and Democrats alike are all out for themselves to line their pockets with money while the American people are in need of so many things the lists are endless. HELL MR. PRESIDENT  can you and congress just begin showing empathy for the country?   


  1. So true. Hope they are okay and just without power. I hope all the animals are okay too.

  2. I love you sweetie. My heart breaks with yours!


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