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Eight Days and No Word

I now know. how family members of loved ones living in New Orleans, during Katrina felt waiting for news. Any news, most of my family have been found alive.  My parents are still unaccounted for and it's day (8).  This is a nightmare I can't wake up from.

Sleep is elusive and I'm guilt-ridden each time I go to the grocery store or try to eat.  I weep because I wonder about my parent's are they hungry?  My cousin got word to us, she drove to San Juan to find a cell signal, water, and food for her children.  She cries because they are hungry and there is little to no food.  As any mother would she feeds her kids before herself.   She tries to get them to sleep so they will forget they are hungry.  She is trying to get to Wisconsin to her sister's home.

I'm scared and frustrated the news reports are telling me that the supplies are at the ports. Yet, there are no trucks, or drivers to transport the supplies since Saturday, September 23, 2017.  #Maria made landfall a…

The Aftermath of a Hurricane

#Maria has decimated my home, Puerto Rico.  I have sent the e-mails to PRFAA, FEMA, and Redcross and just sit and wait.  I broke down in the office for the first time on Friday when a co-worker asked if I heard from my parents.  I sobbed and fell into a crumbled mess just saying over and over again "the photos coming to light show it all gone water is everywhere."  That is the moment I knew what it must have been like for all those people in New Orleans after Katrina destroyed NOLA (12) years ago.

I'm going bat crazy.It has been about (6) days since I heard my mother's voice.  Communication has been cut off.  News reports say it may take (6) months or more to have communications/power restored on the island. My mum told me Monday that since #Irma hit the week before there we little provisions in the stores.  Water and gas were being rationed in preparation for #Maria.  I asked about their medicine supply and the animals.  Mum replied "we have our medications for …