Yesterday, in Charlotteville, Virginia, the KKK protested the removing or Confederate statues.  The KKK protesting doesn't bother me.  This is America and as Americans, we should be able to agree to disagree.  The first amendment protects free speech even the ugly speech of hate.  

What bothers me is the KKK walks around with hoods on their head to instill fear in people.  Those hooded people are COWARDS.  If you are going to hate me because I'm not WHITE.  Show me your devil face.  If you want to hurt me and kill me I want to see my killer's face.

Let's not forgot the KKK openly endorsed our current President. The same President who exhibits daily unbecoming behavior of a federal employee and the President with his tweets and actions.  

I will not let the hatred seep into me. Fear control me. My mind hurts, my heart breaks and my body aches over all this turmoil in my country.  I worry and pray for they young people in my family that come in many beautiful shades.  I pray that my son will be the light that changes all this hate to love and acceptance. #HumanityPassItOn

 #WethePeople  #MakeAmericaLoveAgain #Declarationof Independence #USConstitution #InGodIPray


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