It's Not Always Easy To Speak Out

Below is a link to an article that my cousin posted on Facebook:

This was my comment:

Every American has a health care story. Yet, other Americans telling her, that her child's life isn't worth much is sickening. America has become a callous nation cloaked in false Christianity. I'm tired of our leaders and fellow Americans saying they are Christian but have failed to act as Jesus told them to do. Jesus loved everyone unconditionally and helped the unwanted. That is your calling as a Christian. #HumanityPassItOn

Of course, it made some people uncomfortable.
My reply: There are times in life we as humans have to say and do things that we believe to be right while others disagree.  Our nation is hurting and we as its citizens need to speak up for those who can not speak for themselves.  

I'm a Christian and I try every day to do what is right.  I pray for people I do not know or care for. I find many leaders to be liars, greedy for money and callous.  I pray for their coming to Jesus moment to have their spirits stirred to do good and stop the harm they are inflicting.

Why you ask?  Because if I profess I'm a Christian.  I must walk the walk and talk the talk. 


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