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It's Not Always Easy To Speak Out

Below is a link to an article that my cousin posted on Facebook:

N.J. mother shared her toddler's hospital bill; then came death threats
This was my comment:

Every American has a health care story. Yet, other Americans telling her, that her child's life isn't worth much is sickening. America has become a callous nation cloaked in false Christianity. I'm tired of our leaders and fellow Americans saying they are Christian but have failed to act as Jesus told them to do. Jesus loved everyone unconditionally and helped the unwanted. That is your calling as a Christian. #HumanityPassItOn

Of course, it made some people uncomfortable.

My reply: There are times in life we as humans have to say and do things that we believe to be right while others disagree.  Our nation is hurting and we as its citizens need to speak up for those who can not speak for themselves.  

I'm a Christian and I try every day to do what is right.  I pray for people I do not know or care for. I find m…


Yesterday, in Charlotteville, Virginia, the KKK protested the removing or Confederate statues.  The KKK protesting doesn't bother me.  This is America and as Americans, we should be able to agree to disagree.  The first amendment protects free speech even the ugly speech of hate.  

What bothers me is the KKK walks around with hoods on their head to instill fear in people.  Those hooded people are COWARDS.  If you are going to hate me because I'm not WHITE.  Show me your devil face.  If you want to hurt me and kill me I want to see my killer's face.

Let's not forgot the KKK openly endorsed our current President. The same President who exhibits daily unbecoming behavior of a federal employee and the President with his tweets and actions.  
I will not let the hatred seep into me. Fear control me. My mind hurts, my heart breaks and my body aches over all this turmoil in my country.  I worry and pray for they young people in my family that come in many beautiful shades.  I pra…

The Best Graduation Present

One thing I learned as a new mom of a toddler.  As a parent you will do anything for your children
A dad worked  about (13) years on this gift for his daughter's graduation.

Picking your Battles with Your Toddler

Today, Arthur-Ray wanted to choose his outfit
He decided to wear his Spider-Man PJ top his gray pants and Elmo Clogs.

Uncle Joey tried to change him into trainers and a t-shirt.  Which was a no go.
During breakfast I told Uncle Joey, to let it go, this wasn't a battle to have with Arthur-Ray.
It's just clothes and whatever makes him feel comfortable.

Of course, I tried to take a photo but he ran away.  He doesn't approve of my paparazzi ways.

As for potty training that is a battle I chose to fight.  He's doing good when it comes to peeing in the potty.  Now the other stuff that is a challenge,  poop isn't going in the potty yet.