Why the only future worth building includes everyone | Pope Francis

What if people with this much compassion and understanding were the rulers of the world?   Oh, the positive possibilities.

As a person with many pre-existing todWay's voting of the health bill scares me.
I feel betrayed.  I feel like this country hates sick people, poor people and anyone that does not
look or act like the men and woman in congress and administration.                                          

They had months to work on improving the ACA.
Why did they rush it?  That's how the last congress made the ACA ineffective.
If I didn't have my faith I would be dead from despair. The times we are living in are sad, scary and depressing.

I prayer and hope lawmakers have a coming to Jesus moment in their lives.  Many Congressmen and Senators say they are Christian.  Yet, the way they behave doesn't  seem Christian to me at all.


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