What will Happen To My Family?

The politicians in this country don't care about #WeThePeople.
I have about (7) pre-existing conditions.  My husband is close to (60) and I care for 3 seniors.
I fear we will have no insurance and nowhere to turn to for help.

These lawmakers say they are Christian. So, I ask you why aren't they walking in the light of Jesus.
Jesus cared for the poor, sick, children, humanity and all living things he created.
Nothing these politicians say or do is Christian like in words or actions.

I'm already in debt because of my medical bills.  I'm scared a loved one or me will get ill and we will be turned away for treatment or need to file for bankruptcy and becomes homeless.  It's possible many families are only a paycheck away from losing everything.

We guarded our finances but when Dan became unemployed for (2) years because he could only find part-time work. We used our savings and investments to stay afloat.There is little to fall back on.

This administration had a chance to repair the ACA's deficiencies. Not to rush and take the time to help the American People.  They didn't they rushed to prove a point, make taxes cuts for the 1%, and left the rest of us behind.  It seems like public service has become the new way to make money,

The world is a different place we are no longer in the industrial age. The days of picking yourself up by your boots straps no longer exist.  We are living in the fast paced technological age.We have (6) generations living today.

Baby Boomers
Generation X
Generation Y
and whatever my child at 2 is labeled

Many people haven't had the opportunities to get an education and a job that pays a living wage. There are many reasons in my opinion.  The digital divide having internet and a computer may seem easy to obtain. The reality is many people, across generations can't afford a PC and internet service. Many find technology overwhelming.  Our educational system is subpar.  Our children are taught to take a test not to think independently and learn.  Sports is a huge deal.  Universities pump millions into their sports program, for the male players, not the female players.

There is nowhere to live rents and housing prices are off the charts.  I know 3 couples that moved in with each other because neither couple could afford the rent alone.  Our parents and grandparents didn't start married life with roommates. The average American citizen needs help in some way.

Why are we the only major power that doesn't have universal health care?
Parents can't stay home at least 3 months after the birth of a child because they could lose their job.
Yet, the politicians cry out children and family values are important. ALL lies it's all lip service.  If that were true the administrations past and present would help families thrive.

Yes, I would gladly pay higher taxes to make sure my fellow Americans could have health care, family leave, affordable daycare and housing etc,  It's the right thing and CHRISTIAN thing to do.
Stop saying we are a great Christian nation yet do not behave like Christians and walk the life of Jesus,


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