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What will Happen To My Family?

The politicians in this country don't care about #WeThePeople.
I have about (7) pre-existing conditions.  My husband is close to (60) and I care for 3 seniors.
I fear we will have no insurance and nowhere to turn to for help.

These lawmakers say they are Christian. So, I ask you why aren't they walking in the light of Jesus.
Jesus cared for the poor, sick, children, humanity and all living things he created.
Nothing these politicians say or do is Christian like in words or actions.

I'm already in debt because of my medical bills.  I'm scared a loved one or me will get ill and we will be turned away for treatment or need to file for bankruptcy and becomes homeless.  It's possible many families are only a paycheck away from losing everything.

We guarded our finances but when Dan became unemployed for (2) years because he could only find part-time work. We used our savings and investments to stay afloat.There is little to fall back on.

This administration had a chan…

Why the only future worth building includes everyone | Pope Francis

What if people with this much compassion and understanding were the rulers of the world?   Oh, the positive possibilities.

As a person with many pre-existing todWay's voting of the health bill scares me.
I feel betrayed.  I feel like this country hates sick people, poor people and anyone that does not
look or act like the men and woman in congress and administration.                                          

They had months to work on improving the ACA.
Why did they rush it?  That's how the last congress made the ACA ineffective.
If I didn't have my faith I would be dead from despair. The times we are living in are sad, scary and depressing.

I prayer and hope lawmakers have a coming to Jesus moment in their lives.  Many Congressmen and Senators say they are Christian.  Yet, the way they behave doesn't  seem Christian to me at all.

In this world of the fast-paced living, we have to stop and come back to the family. Dan and I took a vacation day to go the Zoo with our son's his daycare group.This year he turned 2 years-old and allowed to ride the Big Yellow Bus. I was worried but we let him ride the bus while we followed behind. He was happy to see us when he arrived with his group. We saw so many animals.  The loin was his favorite. He roared the whole time. I enjoyed looking at flamingos
I was excited myself to be at the zoo, I love giraffes and I never saw one that was not a photo. We got to see elephants and just hang out as a family. The chimps scared him and his great uncle.  As we walked outside the chimp enclosure the chimps were out inside in the enclosure are that has grass. The chimps started to grunt behind a tree, it took everyone by surprise, the adults jumped and my son cried. "No Monkey No".
When we met up with our group my son got back on the bus to head home. When we pulled into th…