We Got Pee Pee in the Potty, Houston!

Arthur-Ray independently peed in the toilet, hooray!

Sunday night after we got back from Lancaster.  I was going to bath Arthur-Ray, but first I wanted to finish my review for Air B and B.  While I was writing my review.  Arthur-Ray runs to me naked saying "Bath, Momma".

I told him to get into the tub (we have a walk-in tub) because I didn't want him to have an accident.
He ran into the bathroom,  As I'm approaching the bathroom, I hear it, peeing.
Standing at the doorway, I see him standing on his stool peeing in the toilet.

Arthur-Ray was so proud! telling me "I did it, I potty".

He's not consisted, it's the little victories.
I'm not pushing the potty training. I keep taking my cues from him.
We will get there one day.


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