Three Generations One Weekend

Last Thanksgiving my sister and I started a new family tradition.  We vowed to spend each Thanksgiving and Easter together.

Now that we have children and don't live in the same state we wanted to make certain that we create family memories.  We decided that Lancaster, PA was the half way point between our states of residence.

Each holiday we rent a home through #AirBandB in #Lancaster.  We have fun cooking meals, taking in the sights, visiting landmarks and just hang out with each other.

We ate lunch at Bird and Hand Cafe on Friday.  Arthur-Ray, keep getting up and walking over to our waitress and patting her on the leg.  I keep trying to divert his attention, telling him not to touch people.  The waitress didn't mind one bit.  She took him to get ice cream. Turns out she is a teacher and this was her second job. Then it dawned on me.  She looked a lot like his daycare teacher who he adores.

Our Easter was wonderful we had great food, visited #HerseyPark and enjoyed each others company.
Our Uncle, our mother's brother lives with me. Sienna, my niece calls him Grandpa Joey.

When we were kids my 16 cousins and me, called him Tio Joey or Uncle Joey.  It's eye opening to see each generation interact and make memories.  This new generation sees him more like a grandfather.

Sienna wants to know why is Arthur-Ray always copying her or following her?  We told her he's 2 years old and looks up to you.  This was strange to her since she, like Arthur-Ray, is the only child.  Thus far my sister and I have blessed with one child a piece.

While at Hersey Park Arthur-Ray was measured to see what rides he was allowed on.  He measured to be a Hersey's Kiss, he was exactly 3 feet. At first, he was afraid of the rides and cried to get off.
As the day went on he was excited to go on the rides.  His favorites were all train and truck rides. If it had a wheel he wanted to try it.  Sienna was conquering the roller coasters in her age group with her dad.  My sister Sara stayed with us, she was nervous about Sienna on a roller coaster.  Secretly, so was I.  In true Sienna fashion, she loved the roller coaster experience and talked about the rest of the weekend.

We also dyed Easter eggs and had an easter egg hunt in the backyard.  Sienna is a pro and Easter egg hunting. This was Arthur-Ray's first time he loved it, each time he found any egg he squealed with delight.

We also attend mass/church.  My sister is a non-denominal  Christain and my family is Roman Catholic.  Easter 2017, was a weekend of great memories.


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