The Potty Training Saga

We decided not to push potty training.
We are taking our cues from Arthur-Ray.

His age group at daycare, have children in the process of potty training.  We decided to start using pull-ups to see what his reaction would be he loves them.  He can undress himself half way for bathtime.

Daddy brought regular diapers by mistake  Arthur-Ray was upset and didn't want to put them on.  We went back to the store and got pull-ups.  We use the diapers at bedtime.

The results are Arthur-Ray is potty training on his own.
He uses the regular toilet.

He has taken the Mickey Mouse potty using it as a seat in the living room with the lid closed.

He has a folding step stool that is stored in the bathroom.  It has become his go-to problem solver, He wants a banana from the kitchen table he gets his step stool.   He can't reach the light switch in his room-step stool.   When he wants to potty (pee) he gets the step stool, puts it in front of the toilet and goes.  He even lifts the lid himself.

Last week we went to the circus.  Daddy took him to the bathroom to change his pull up. When the returned Arthur-Ray told me "Momma I did it! I potty"

My husband said that the pull up was bone dry and that Arthur-Ray went in the toilet. He had a full bladder.  Arthur-Ray took a 2-hour nap, we remembered in the car, on the way to the circus, no one changed this pull-up.    I'm estimating that his bladder held up for at least 4-hours. Which tells me his body and mind are getting the concept of going to the bathroom.

I have heard horror stories of potty training boys.  That is why we are taking it slow.
I'm blessed that Arthur-Ray is motivated and has an independent spirit. At only 2 years old with 2-months he's making great progress in his development.

I did get Arthur-Ray some underwear, #JCPenny had a great sale.  This weekend we will try underwear and see if he can stay somewhat dry. I'll let you know what happens.

We haven't gotten to the (poop) in the potty stage. Baby steps.

Blessing always to you and yours


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