The Maryland, Pranking Parents

Some parents are sending wrong messages to their children in the news lately.  I wanted to express my views about the story that has gone viral   A Maryland couple that lives in my County has finally become famous.  However, the fame that they have acquired has comes at a price.  Maryland’s children’s services have been contact by people nationwide alleging that the parents are abusing their 5 children.  This father has a You Tube Channel called DaddyOFive and along with his wife, enjoys playing pranks on their 5 children.   

I saw some of the video in question on the evening news.  I was sadden and appalled at the prank they played on one of their children.  The young boy seemed scared and was crying. His parents were yelling and swearing. 

After viewers left many negative comments and a possible visit from Children Services; the parents released another video and statement letting the world know they are a loving family and the kids were aware it was a prank.

This was post on DaddyOFive’s twitter feed.

Even now they keep posting videos.  The latest video the parents posted, they talk about their fans and less about their children’s well being. I believe that these parents are misguided.  It seems that everyone wants their five minutes of fame.

As parents our job is to be nurturing and loving toward our children.  Parents should be lifting up their children, not tearing them down by playing cruel pranks.  

Remember Being in the world, not of world.  (Verse John 19-20) 


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