The Financial Complexity, For A Person Living With A Disability

Persons with disabilities want to live a "normal" "average" life. What does that mean?  Simple we want the same liberties as everyone else in America.  The United States is probably the most "mobility" friendly country  at the moment.  The United Kingdom and other Western European countries are closely behind in the world or accessibility for their disabled citizens,   

The freedom to marry and work are not give to all persons with disabilities.  If you are disabled, fall in love, marry and are on government benefits, you can kiss them bye bye.  Marital status in many states disqualifies you to receive benefits.  Benefits doesn't only included money. Benefits can be help for the state in finding and subsiding qualified personal care attendants. There is also accessible housing. Most accessible housing goes to low income disabled people.  Not the disabled person with a full time job, ie me.

I need a personal care attendant but because I'm married and work full time I don't qualify for one through the state. I have a hard time finding, hiring, and paying attendants.   Let's face it, if you are disabled most of your money goes to medical expenses.  I see medical professionals about 4 times a months.  I reach my family health insurance deductible before the end of January every year. My medical bills are so high, I have a payment plan with all of them. There is no extra money to pay someone to be my attendant. My husband has become my attendant he helps me dress and bath most days.  My uncle cooks most of family's meals and does house work.  

When your spouse is your primary attendant I see it as  possible romance killer. My husband states he doesn't see it that way. He tells me everyday that caring for me, the way he does is what marriage is all about caring for one another. I appreciate all he does for me. Arthur-Ray sees how his "dada" takes care of me and now he wants to help me. I'm happy we can demonstrate compassion and love to our son everyday.


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