Parenting is Different for Every Mother

All mothers worry about their children. When you live with a disability and rely on walkers and wheelchairs for mobility, your parenting ways are a bit different.

1.  I harness my child! I can not keep up with my toddler and to keep him safe and my mind at easy I use a backpack harness.  So other mothers stop judging me.  I saw your face at the mall.

2. I need help to change and dress my son.  It bothers me that I can't do this independently.  I pick out clothes and mu uncle or husband dress him.  When he was younger I was able to do more.  Now he is to active for me.

3.We read and sing together. I can't jump, dance or play on the floor with my son. Yet, we read together and do dot painting.

4. We have dinner together.  We try to eat dinner as a family/ I try to help my son eat. Though he is a  at that stage were he wants to do everything himself.

5. We visit our neighbors.  I have no biological family here so our neighbors have become our extended family. When my son gets to crabby I go to my neighbor Kathy's house down the street.  When I get in my wheelchair my son and tiny poodle want a ride.

6/ I'm lucky to have a walk-in bath tub. Each night my 19-month old runs into the bathroom straight to the tub.  Bath time is my favorite time because bathing him at this age is easy for me and I love the bonding time.

7. My son is cleaver, he knows my limitations.  He loves to help me with my slippers or pick up stuff I drop on the floor.  When I'm in pain he comes to me and lays his head on my lap.

There are many things that are a challenge for me. Yet, my child doesn't care, all he knows is that there is always someone around and plenty of hugs and kisses

I love this photo he was about 7 month's here.


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