My Love of Pinterest

It's no secret, I LOVE Pinterest.

Pinterest is the place I go to first to get ideas for crafting, cooking and blogging.  I also look for spiritual blogs and get to know more about my Catholic faith and homeschooling.

I finally had the time to clean out my e-mail box, I found this pin title the Parenting Creed
pinned by Sue she has a blog Titled  One Time Through

I like Sue's blog because like me it seems she was blessed with only one child as she stated in her about page.  Her Pinterest boards have given me great ideas on parenting, crafting with my son and I just love the positive message she spreads online.

I have come to learn that for every positive post or blog there is that much more negativity and meanness on the internet. Yet, I find Pinterest to be a positive little section online.

In the late 1990s, I studied journalism and public affairs.
This new part-time graduate program focused solely on online content.  It was a great program creating and learning about social media, websites and the world wide web which today it's just (WWW) for short.

I didn't realize then that the internet would turn so ugly.
This is why I try to be a positive presence online.  Believe me, there have been MANY times where I just want to go off on someone. I have written my response, read it, decided not to post and move one. There have also been a few times, I have posted something and then deleted right away.  I'm only human and not perfect.  However, I believe as an adult and a parent that I have to be the best example of my best self for my son.



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