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My Love of Pinterest

It's no secret, I LOVE Pinterest.

Pinterest is the place I go to first to get ideas for crafting, cooking and blogging.  I also look for spiritual blogs and get to know more about my Catholic faith and homeschooling.

I finally had the time to clean out my e-mail box, I found this pin title the Parenting Creed
pinned by Sue she has a blog Titled  One Time Through

I like Sue's blog because like me it seems she was blessed with only one child as she stated in her about page.  Her Pinterest boards have given me great ideas on parenting, crafting with my son and I just love the positive message she spreads online.

I have come to learn that for every positive post or blog there is that much more negativity and meanness on the internet. Yet, I find Pinterest to be a positive little section online.

In the late 1990s, I studied journalism and public affairs.
This new part-time graduate program focused solely on online content.  It was a great program creating and learning about social m…

Parenting is Different for Every Mother

All mothers worry about their children. When you live with a disability and rely on walkers and wheelchairs for mobility, your parenting ways are a bit different.

1.  I harness my child! I can not keep up with my toddler and to keep him safe and my mind at easy I use a backpack harness.  So other mothers stop judging me.  I saw your face at the mall.

2. I need help to change and dress my son.  It bothers me that I can't do this independently.  I pick out clothes and mu uncle or husband dress him.  When he was younger I was able to do more.  Now he is to active for me.

3.We read and sing together. I can't jump, dance or play on the floor with my son. Yet, we read together and do dot painting.

4. We have dinner together.  We try to eat dinner as a family/ I try to help my son eat. Though he is a  at that stage were he wants to do everything himself.

5. We visit our neighbors.  I have no biological family here so our neighbors have become our extended family. When my son gets to crab…

The Maryland, Pranking Parents

Some parents are sending wrong messages to their children in the news lately.  I wanted to express my views about the story that has gone viral   A Maryland couple that lives in my County has finally become famous.  However, the fame that they have acquired has comes at a price.  Maryland’s children’s services have been contact by people nationwide alleging that the parents are abusing their 5 children.  This father has a You Tube Channel called DaddyOFive and along with his wife, enjoys playing pranks on their 5 children.   
I saw some of the video in question on the evening news.  I was sadden and appalled at the prank they played on one of their children.  The young boy seemed scared and was crying. His parents were yelling and swearing. 
After viewers left many negative comments and a possible visit from Children Services; the parents released another video and statement letting the world know they are a loving family and the kids were aware it was a prank.…

The Financial Complexity, For A Person Living With A Disability

Persons with disabilities want to live a "normal" "average" life. What does that mean?  Simple we want the same liberties as everyone else in America.  The United States is probably the most "mobility" friendly country  at the moment.  The United Kingdom and other Western European countries are closely behind in the world or accessibility for their disabled citizens,   

The freedom to marry and work are not give to all persons with disabilities.  If you are disabled, fall in love, marry and are on government benefits, you can kiss them bye bye.  Marital status in many states disqualifies you to receive benefits.  Benefits doesn't only included money. Benefits can be help for the state in finding and subsiding qualified personal care attendants. There is also accessible housing. Most accessible housing goes to low income disabled people.  Not the disabled person with a full time job, ie me.

I need a personal care attendant but because I'm married and…

Can I Have it All?

In my teen years up into my 20s, I was told by loved ones, strangers and society that I could have it all! The career, the husband, the home and the kids.  Now, in my 40s, I can tell you that having it ALL is TOO MUCH at least for me.

I realized recently that I have to step back out of the secular world.  It's filled with chaos, war and hate. It's hurting my mind and my heart. Working two jobs, trying to pay all the bills, taking care of a home, a husband and a toddler are too many balls to juggle.  I'm exhausted and I don't want it.

I would have preferred to stay home and have children but that wasn't God's plan for me. God blessed us with one son after 10 years of marriage and previous failed attempts at parenthood.

I have been standing at the fork in the road of life for some time. I have been thinking about leaving one of my jobs.  I have been praying on it.  I must admit I haven't stilled my mind enough to hear what God is telling me.

I'm the most…

We Got Pee Pee in the Potty, Houston!

Arthur-Ray independently peed in the toilet, hooray!

Sunday night after we got back from Lancaster.  I was going to bath Arthur-Ray, but first I wanted to finish my review for Air B and B.  While I was writing my review.  Arthur-Ray runs to me naked saying "Bath, Momma".

I told him to get into the tub (we have a walk-in tub) because I didn't want him to have an accident.
He ran into the bathroom,  As I'm approaching the bathroom, I hear it, peeing.
Standing at the doorway, I see him standing on his stool peeing in the toilet.

Arthur-Ray was so proud! telling me "I did it, I potty".

He's not consisted, it's the little victories.
I'm not pushing the potty training. I keep taking my cues from him.
We will get there one day.

Three Generations One Weekend

Last Thanksgiving my sister and I started a new family tradition.  We vowed to spend each Thanksgiving and Easter together.

Now that we have children and don't live in the same state we wanted to make certain that we create family memories.  We decided that Lancaster, PA was the half way point between our states of residence.

Each holiday we rent a home through #AirBandB in #Lancaster.  We have fun cooking meals, taking in the sights, visiting landmarks and just hang out with each other.

We ate lunch at Bird and Hand Cafe on Friday.  Arthur-Ray, keep getting up and walking over to our waitress and patting her on the leg.  I keep trying to divert his attention, telling him not to touch people.  The waitress didn't mind one bit.  She took him to get ice cream. Turns out she is a teacher and this was her second job. Then it dawned on me.  She looked a lot like his daycare teacher who he adores.

Our Easter was wonderful we had great food, visited #HerseyPark and enjoyed each others…

The Potty Training Saga

We decided not to push potty training.
We are taking our cues from Arthur-Ray.

His age group at daycare, have children in the process of potty training.  We decided to start using pull-ups to see what his reaction would be he loves them.  He can undress himself half way for bathtime.

Daddy brought regular diapers by mistake  Arthur-Ray was upset and didn't want to put them on.  We went back to the store and got pull-ups.  We use the diapers at bedtime.

The results are Arthur-Ray is potty training on his own.
He uses the regular toilet.

He has taken the Mickey Mouse potty using it as a seat in the living room with the lid closed.

He has a folding step stool that is stored in the bathroom.  It has become his go-to problem solver, He wants a banana from the kitchen table he gets his step stool.   He can't reach the light switch in his room-step stool.   When he wants to potty (pee) he gets the step stool, puts it in front of the toilet and goes.  He even lifts the lid himself.