Potty Training

Arthur-Ray is 20 months and our daycare provider has informed us when he goes to the blue room at two years old they start the potty training process.

I love Pintrest for recipes, craft ideas, and parenting advice.  This one  pin  from a blogger mom  said she had potty trained her 3 kids by 18 months. The author was Becky Mansfield.

This statement intrigued me and read her blog post at Modern Family.
WHAT Parents should LOOK FOR: 
  • Pretending to go to the bathroom
  • Pretending to wipe
  • Interested in body parts
  • Having a dry diaper for more than an hour
  • Interested in watching others use the bathroom
  • Wanting to flush the toilet
  • Interested in toilets  
Arthur-Ray is interested in his body parts, he follows everyone into the bathroom and he wants to flush the toilets. Now that we know the signs to look for Dan set up the potty.  Arthur-Ray was excited and clapped his hands and giggled.  I was surprised he sat on it.  

When Arthur-Ray wasn't looking we put it away since the weekend is almost over.  
Our goal today was to see if he would be interested in the potty.                                                                         Next weekend we will start our potty training adventure.

I'm torn and emotional since my baby is a now a toddler and not my baby.  These 20 months flew by.

Blessings to you and yours


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