My Limits are a Challenge

Being a mom with a disability who is in chronic pain daily been a challenge om my mind and body.
I want to get on the floor and play with Arthur Ray, yet, it's hard to be comfortable even to interact with him.

Arthur Ray realizes my limitations.  He usually comes to me first and now that he is 18 months he climbs onto my lap.  He loves to climb onto my lap when we are getting ready to  go out.
He wants to drive the wheelchair which he isn't allowed to do.

Each night after dinner he follows me into the bathroom for bathtime.  Since we have a walk-in tub he walks into the tub and tries to undress but gets frustrated when his shirt won't go over his head.
Bathtime has become our time to connect.  We practice counting our toes and learning the parts of our face.  

 I try to focus on the activities I can do with my son.  I hope as he gets older we can make memories that he will fondly remember as an adult.


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