Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love- Mother Teresa

The people that know me well, know I love Mother Teresa.  I left the church for a long time but I still read books and articles about Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul.

Now as mom I go back and read Mother's quotes to give guidance to help me be a good mom. Being a mom is hard.  Working (2) jobs.  One job I love which is my travel business doesn't make me enough to leave the 8 to 4 job just yet, One day it will, accessible travel is my passion.  I help people see and enjoy the world.

The bit of energy I have left I give to him each day.  He knows I have physical limitations so each day when I get home from work he climbs up on my wheelchair on to my lap.  I ask him about his day and he babbles away.  

We try to eat dinner together and each time I've noticed he becomes more independent  and want no help in feeding himself.  I miss my baby but I enjoy the toddler he is becoming. Sometimes the toddler has nuclear melt down moments.  Yes! I start to cry to too and pray for patience.

I feel blessed because I'm learning patience, love and letting go of negative emotions through prayer and motherhood. I say this quote when I need help being a mom: Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love- Mother Teresa


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