Being Catholic

It took me about 25 years to be confirmed a Catholic!

I struggled with my faith for years.  Yet, I NEVER stopped believing in God.  I just did not believe in going to church.

Growing up in Brooklyn I knew my mom was Catholic.  Since her dad, my grandfather spent 30 minutes a day in the bathroom praying the rosary.  My dad was Pentecostal though he rarely went to church. We were not regular church goers.  We went to Catholic Church on important holidays Easter and Christmas.

As an adult mom and me went to college together and became teachers and taught in Catholic school. This is were I learned more about the Catholic religion.  I transferred to a Lutheran school and started learning the ways of the Lutherans.

It wasn't until I met my future husband in 2003, through a Yahoo personal ad that is when I returned to Catholic Church.  Dan was a practicing Catholic.  He attended mass and was part of Church.
I didn't go to church all the time but more regularly.

We were married in 2005, not in the church, I still wasn't sure about the Church,especially with the Boston scandal.  I felt hurt and betrayed by the Church, the Pope, and every priest.  When Dan went to Iraq in 2008, he asked our Priest Fr. Hines, to ask the church if someone could pick me up on Sunday's and bring me to mass.  Fr. Himes ran a message in the bulletin.

Someone agreed to help me she was about 65 and a retiree named Nancy.  Eight year later I consider her and her husband second parents.  Through Nancy's friendship she showed me what being Catholic is all's about giving of yourself  and loving with an open heart.


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