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Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love- Mother Teresa

The people that know me well, know I love Mother Teresa.  I left the church for a long time but I still read books and articles about Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul.
Now as mom I go back and read Mother's quotes to give guidance to help me be a good mom. Being a mom is hard.  Working (2) jobs.  One job I love which is my travel business doesn't make me enough to leave the 8 to 4 job just yet, One day it will, accessible travel is my passion.  I help people see and enjoy the world.
The bit of energy I have left I give to him each day.  He knows I have physical limitations so each day when I get home from work he climbs up on my wheelchair on to my lap.  I ask him about his day and he babbles away.  
We try to eat dinner together and each time I've noticed he becomes more independent  and want no help in feeding himself.  I miss my baby but I enjoy the toddler he is becoming. Sometimes the toddler has nuclear melt down moments.  Yes! I start to cry to too and pray for pat…

Being Catholic

It took me about 25 years to be confirmed a Catholic!

I struggled with my faith for years.  Yet, I NEVER stopped believing in God.  I just did not believe in going to church.

Growing up in Brooklyn I knew my mom was Catholic.  Since her dad, my grandfather spent 30 minutes a day in the bathroom praying the rosary.  My dad was Pentecostal though he rarely went to church. We were not regular church goers.  We went to Catholic Church on important holidays Easter and Christmas.

As an adult mom and me went to college together and became teachers and taught in Catholic school. This is were I learned more about the Catholic religion.  I transferred to a Lutheran school and started learning the ways of the Lutherans.

It wasn't until I met my future husband in 2003, through a Yahoo personal ad that is when I returned to Catholic Church.  Dan was a practicing Catholic.  He attended mass and was part of Church.
I didn't go to church all the time but more regularly.

We were married in…

My Limits are a Challenge

Being a mom with a disability who is in chronic pain daily been a challenge om my mind and body. I want to get on the floor and play with Arthur Ray, yet, it's hard to be comfortable even to interact with him.
Arthur Ray realizes my limitations.  He usually comes to me first and now that he is 18 months he climbs onto my lap.  He loves to climb onto my lap when we are getting ready to  go out. He wants to drive the wheelchair which he isn't allowed to do.
Each night after dinner he follows me into the bathroom for bathtime.  Since we have a walk-in tub he walks into the tub and tries to undress but gets frustrated when his shirt won't go over his head. Bathtime has become our time to connect.  We practice counting our toes and learning the parts of our face.  
 I try to focus on the activities I can do with my son.  I hope as he gets older we can make memories that he will fondly remember as an adult.