A Year in Review (2015)

I have not blogged in over (18) months.  Life has gotten busy.  For the last (3) years I started my own business.  I'm a Travel Specialist, specializing in cruising, All-Inclusive resorts in Mexico and Disney.  It took time to get the business up and running.  If you need help planning your next vacation call me of visit jtmvacations.com.

Viva Mexico the all inclusive vacation spot
Then in 2014, I found out I was pregnant while getting diagnosed with gallstones in my common bile duct at our local emergency room.  I didn't believe the doctors. I think I was in shock until my second trimester. I had a wonderful pregnancy.  Then on Jan. 21, 2015, our son Arthur-Ray Joseph was born.  His hyphenated first name is both his grandpas' names.  Dan's dad was named Arthur, my dad's name is Ray.  We needed a Christian middle name so we named him Joseph which is also his great uncle's name.  He is our world but it's hard since my health is not what it use to and we are not young parents.  My uncle Joey moved in with us to help care for Arthur-Ray.  We are so blessed to have his support.  Our family of two with a dog has grown to a family of four and a dog.

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