A Little Fish Told Me Just Keep Swimming -Talia Castellano

Last month teenager Talia Castellano lost her battle with cancer but her motto of "Just Keep Swimming." is what I have been trying to do for the last few months. 

No surprises here the hubby is deployed once again. Good news is that we are in the home stretch (29) more days to go until he comes homes.

So many things have happened some sad some happy.  The sad things I have faced during this deployment are the deaths of my paternal Grandmother and the death of my maternal Grandfather within days of one another the last week in April.

The hardest decision of my life came on May 3, 2013, when I had to put my four legged baby Boo down.  At (16) years old he was already blind deaf and was having walking  and stand issues.   I miss him everyday.

My Mami has had some serious health issues that has the family concerned.  Yet, due to many prayers from family, friends and strangers she is slowly improving. 
Enough of sad news ....HAPPY NEWS:
My sister and husband have brought a new home in New Jersey. Congratulations to them.
Sienna has turned (5).  Time flies.


The last bit of news involves our new four legged child Yummy.
Yummy is (5) months old and yes a LOT of work.  Thank you to my wonderful neighbors Kat, Fred, Kathy and Nancy B. for all their help. Especial Kat who actually comes over at mid-night or 0400 to help me with potty accidents.  Kat is a doll!
Introducing Yummy


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