Still Here

I am still here just life has gotten in the way of blogging. Since I last wrote we have gone through some deaths, illness, lose of work and once again the hubby is deployed. Not to mention this year marks the big 40 for me. I have been dreading it for months. The good news on the homefront are the following:

  • The dog is still here by my side at 16 he's all cuddles and love.
  • I got a tub with a door so I can FINALLY get in the tub SAFELY and take a bath in a soaking spa bath.  (It was worth all the pennies I will be scarping for the next 5 years.)
  • The tankless water heater provides all the hot water I will ever need.
  • Though we are in deployment mode we are celebrating our 10 year together in 2013.
  • My neighbors are angels helping me all the time.
  • Finally I dedcided to become a travel agent and start my own business. 
I started my training and when I'm done let me help you plan your first or next cruise.

Until later
Much love and God Speed!


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