On My 40th Birthday

For the last year I have been dreading this day the big 4-0. Then in February I was faced with my husband’s deployment once again. I felt I needed a major change I not taking about my look or rather a life change. I wanted to do something for me because I was feeling as if I was putting everyone and everything ahead of me and my dreams. I decided to make my 40s fabulous. By doing the following:

 • Start a new business as of today I want to become everyone’s personal dream vacation planner. Call me so we can start making your vacation dreams come true.
• Start my non-profit to help disabled persons and persons with limited mobility find Personal Care Assistant Care for their vacation and travel needs. (In the next 18 months)
• Remember to live in the moment.
• Remember to feel compassion for people even the haters and enemies.
• Smile ALL the time and make people wonder what the HELL I’m up to now.
• When someone say NO or anything negative to me. I will put them on MUTE.
 • Sing GOD’s praise everyday
• Pay it forward. When wonderful things happen to me I’m sharing my wonderful fortune.
• Lastly, my official theme song for my fabulous 40s is Katy Perry’s “Firework”

 I raise my wine glass up to the next decade of my life.


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