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A Little Fish Told Me Just Keep Swimming -Talia Castellano

Last month teenager Talia Castellano lost her battle with cancer but her motto of "Just Keep Swimming." is what I have been trying to do for the last few months. 

No surprises here the hubby is deployed once again. Good news is that we are in the home stretch (29) more days to go until he comes homes.

So many things have happened some sad some happy.  The sad things I have faced during this deployment are the deaths of my paternal Grandmother and the death of my maternal Grandfather within days of one another the last week in April.

 The hardest decision of my life came on May 3, 2013, when I had to put my four legged baby Boo down.  At (16) years old he was already blind deaf and was having walking  and stand issues.   I miss him everyday.

My Mami has had some serious health issues that has the family concerned.  Yet, due to many prayers from family, friends and strangers she is slowly improving.  Enough of sad news ....HAPPY NEWS: My sister and husband have brought a…

On My 40th Birthday

For the last year I have been dreading this day the big 4-0. Then in February I was faced with my husband’s deployment once again. I felt I needed a major change I not taking about my look or rather a life change. I wanted to do something for me because I was feeling as if I was putting everyone and everything ahead of me and my dreams. I decided to make my 40s fabulous. By doing the following:

 • Start a new business as of today I want to become everyone’s personal dream vacation planner. Call me so we can start making your vacation dreams come true.
Premium Business Cards by Vistaprint • Start my non-profit to help disabled persons and persons with limited mobility find Personal Care Assistant Care for their vacation and travel needs. (In the next 18 months)
• Remember to live in the moment.
• Remember to feel compassion for people even the haters and enemies.
• Smile ALL the time and make people wonder what the HELL I’m up to now.
• When someone say NO or anything negative to me…

Still Here

I am still here just life has gotten in the way of blogging. Since I last wrote we have gone through some deaths, illness, lose of work and once again the hubby is deployed. Not to mention this year marks the big 40 for me. I have been dreading it for months. The good news on the homefront are the following:

The dog is still here by my side at 16 he's all cuddles and love.I got a tub with a door so I can FINALLY get in the tub SAFELY and take a bath in a soaking spa bath.  (It was worth all the pennies I will be scarping for the next 5 years.)The tankless water heater provides all the hot water I will ever need.Though we are in deployment mode we are celebrating our 10 year together in 2013.My neighbors are angels helping me all the time.Finally I dedcided to become a travel agent and start my own business.  I started my training and when I'm done let me help you plan your first or next cruise.

Until later
Much love and God Speed!