Yes, I haven’t blogged in ages. My battle with depression and chronic pain are trying to consume me.  However, I’m fighting a pretty good fight.  I’m trying new meds which is never fun.  The side effects are making me physically sick.  Upset tummy and insomnia to list a few symptoms. I’m also attending physical therapy for the last couple of months and still working full time.  It has been a struggle by I’m surviving and as always Dan has been my rock.  Thank goodness I’m pretty darn lucky to have a hubby like him.  He’s taken over most of the cooking and getting better at it with each dish.  I try to encourage him and tell him that a man that can cook is “VERY SEXY”.   Nothing is sexier than a man breading chicken unless he’s baking chocolate lava cake.  I love delicious chocolate.  

Boo is getting older and is now incontinent so he is wearing a “male wrap” to help reduce his accidents.  I still love him and get a kick out of his silliness.  He loves to just hang out on Dan or my lap.  I have given him the nickname the “meditation Dog”, Boo goes out to the yard through his doggie door and stands outside surveying his domain for hours on end.  I find it quite strange and enduring and have no idea why he does it. 


We have two wedding this year. In October my sister will be getting married.  Next month my girlfriend since I was (3) will be married.  These weddings have me busy and happy.  I’m searching for the perfect dress for the weddings. I fell in love with one of the Duchess’ of Cambridge outfits during the Jubilee Celebration last week.  I’m searching for a knock off I think I found one. 

Dan’s health is not 100%, these days he will need surgery on this knee, neck and shoulder poor Dan is falling apart.  The surgeries are microscopic that is the only great thing about this situation.  This will help with his recovery time.  Dan is planning to have his procedures at the end of July within weeks of each other.  He also has training next month for work, Dan is a busy guy.  I would appreciate it if everyone can keep him in their prayers.

Last week would have my grandmother’s (82) birthday.  She was called home (9) years ago and I miss her terribly. Next week will be the one year anniversary of my mother-in-law’s Laverne being called home.  I miss Laverne’s humor we always talked on the phone.  I still have her phone number programmed into my phone. 
This month my Sienna turns (4) years old and each day she gets smarter, funnier and is always fearless.  Her mom and I were on the phone.  So, as she put it took care of things!  She told her mom:
Mommy you were on the phone Titi Net so I put the spider in the garbage.
Yes! Friends there was a spider in her room and since her mom and I were talking on the phone Sienna picked up a spider and throw it out because we were too busy for her. NOTHING bothers or scares Sienna. She is a leader not a follower.  She does her own thing and rarely conforms and sees no issues with her choices.         

Next month Dan’s friend Bob will be visiting for a bit.  I hope we don’t drive him too crazy.  He will be trying to help us organize this crazy household.  It will be interesting since we have a hard time parting with things.  I hope Bob can cope in this loud, crazy, silly house.  I welcome the help and suggestions he is bringing to this home.

Until Later-Hugs Janet




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