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Two Weddings, Two Birthday's, a Funeral, Father's Day and Shopping

The weekend is here and I’m working on several projects, running errands and shopping.

Let’s talking weddings, I’m working on some paper designs for my sister’s wedding using my Cricut. Creating possible menu or program boarder designs so this means a trip to AC Moore. Meeting up with DJ and Jeff tonight for dinner to discuss the wedding and see what else we need to do.

Birthdays: Well Sienna was born on June 22, she shares her birthday with Nancie Etzel, my sister from another Mister as I refer to her.I met Nancie back in 2005 and love her to pieces she is smart funny and a no nonsense woman.I need to send out some gifts and cards to my girls this week.

Funeral: I love the Bee Gees and I wanted to send my condolences out to the Robin’s family. In Robin’s memory I’m listening to my Bee Gee albums this weekend.Robin was laid to rest yesterday, June 8, 2012. My favorite song I have to get a message to you.  Pictues

Shopping: I finally found some decent flats (I can’t wear or walk in heels) f…
Yes, I haven’t blogged in ages. My battle with depression and chronic pain are trying to consume me.However, I’m fighting a pretty good fight.I’m trying new meds which is never fun.The side effects are making me physically sick.Upset tummy and insomnia to list a few symptoms. I’m also attending physical therapy for the last couple of months and still working full time.It has been a struggle by I’m surviving and as always Dan has been my rock.Thank goodness I’m pretty darn lucky to have a hubby like him.He’s taken over most of the cooking and getting better at it with each dish. I try to encourage him and tell him that a man that can cook is “VERY SEXY”.Nothing is sexier than a man breading chicken unless he’s baking chocolate lava cake.I love delicious chocolate.