Since Dan's Return

Dan has been back for over a month and what a month it has been.

His first week back we celebrated his birthday in NYC to see the sites and visit my sister.
Everything was ok until the guys started watching the game (Jan. 15) and my sister and I were in the kitchen. Sara was baking Dan a birthday cake.

When we heard a SPLAT sound.

Turns out Boo and Sienna were playing and he jumped off Sienna dresser or bed we have no clue and fractured his leg right leg.

Don’t worry after surgery and a week stay in the doggie hospital Boo came home and is recovering wonderfully. They removed his hip joint and put in a metal plate to hold the bones together so he was non-mobile for the last month. It’s turning out to be a blessing he is walking better then he had in years. Boo’s doctors call him a super star at age 15 he is recovering quicker than they thought he would be.

For the last (2) weeks he is standing on his hind legs and running after toys so we are happy.
Dan’s new job has him on my schedule so he is awake by 0500 and home by 1630. Which Dan isn’t so happy about however, I’m enjoying it. We usually make dinner and try to relax in the evenings.

We are getting into a routine and learning to live with one another again. Dan should be here for the rest of 2012. That’s great news for the family since this October we have my sister’s wedding, were are so happy for her. My best friend Jamie is expecting her first child in July and so many other important things will be happening it is great to have Dan here to celebrate.


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