So, the hubby has brought up this idea that for Lent we should give up t.v. and Internet which includes my mobile phone with Internet capabilities on the weekends. I am not that keen on it.

See what happenws was I let your husband watch episodes of Oprah's Next Chapter. He saw the episode of the Hasidic Jews and how they have never seen t.v. or been on the Internet. He found it quite interesting and is up to the challenge of reconnecting the our family.

I'm not saying it's not a good idea but I love my photos, fb, news from around the world and reading blogs and watching You Tube silly videos.

I believe the hubby has forgotten that this sect of Judaism also has an average of 6 kids and the help of a huge community. Not counting 2000 years of tradition behind their way of life. I was born in Brooklyn around this community though I'm not Jewish I find their traditions amazaing and comforting in a werid way. I have always found religions to be interesting and I'm always ready to learn more about them.

Ya'll this is going to be an interesting weekend make that an interesting four or five weekends.
I will keep you posted on my progress to this new adventure on Mondays!

I am glad I get to keep my iPod with my music and since my Nook is the original with no Internet I can use them this weekend.

Until next time!



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