First weekend with NO TV or Internet.


After more then 12 hours on Saturday I broke down and watch an hour of the Worlds Dumbest on TRU TV. I was going to bake a cake but realized the recipe didn't print completely So I And I called my mom to verify a recipe for me. Which was hiliarous becuase she was calling off every recipe but the one I had. She hung up and called me when she found it.
While waiting for mom to call me back I got bored and I watched You Tube videos of old movies, commericals, and baby videos on my phone.

Sunday, I woke up and decided we were going to the National Aquirum in Balitmore so I went on line and brought tickets. It was a nice outting but for the two of us we spent over $100. Goodness I don't know how parents do it! The tickets were $54, admission only, gas was $20, lunch was $25, parking was $18, thank goodness for the $3 off coupon and icecream $9.

We didn't see the dolphin show in the stands that would have been another $50. So, we went down to the tank viewing area and we got to see the dolphin playing underwater while others performed tricks above the surface.

They have a great Shark exhibit, Austrailan Outback exhibit and jellyfish exhibit. I'm still trying to find out if jellyfish have eyes. I don't think so but I did learn they are about 95% water as we humans are about 65% water. I also found out that about 85% of sharks are harmless.

After the aquirium we went home and Dan fell alseep. I cheated once again and watched one hour of TV. Then made dinner Chicken Marsala loved it. We recorded the Oscars I just want to see some of the acceptance speeches. Octiva Spenser's, Christopher Plummber's and Ms. Streep's acceptance speech.

I was on Facebook via my phone. I need my Interent. TV not so much but surfing the web reading articles, reading blogs, watching old movies and just creating things like scrapbooking pages using the PC, are things I do not want to live with out.

Now Dan did a great job. NO TV or Internet they whole weekend. He really got into decluttlering the upstairs. But just thing this morning he was checking e-mails and I think he played a Facebook game.

There is always next weekend. I think I want to try and declutter the closet. We will see I have five days to decide.

Until later-


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