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First weekend with NO TV or Internet.


After more then 12 hours on Saturday I broke down and watch an hour of the Worlds Dumbest on TRU TV. I was going to bake a cake but realized the recipe didn't print completely So I And I called my mom to verify a recipe for me. Which was hiliarous becuase she was calling off every recipe but the one I had. She hung up and called me when she found it.
While waiting for mom to call me back I got bored and I watched You Tube videos of old movies, commericals, and baby videos on my phone.

Sunday, I woke up and decided we were going to the National Aquirum in Balitmore so I went on line and brought tickets. It was a nice outting but for the two of us we spent over $100. Goodness I don't know how parents do it! The tickets were $54, admission only, gas was $20, lunch was $25, parking was $18, thank goodness for the $3 off coupon and icecream $9.

We didn't see the dolphin show in the stands that would have been another $50. So, we went down to the tank viewing area…


So, the hubby has brought up this idea that for Lent we should give up t.v. and Internet which includes my mobile phone with Internet capabilities on the weekends. I am not that keen on it.

See what happenws was I let your husband watch episodes of Oprah's Next Chapter. He saw the episode of the Hasidic Jews and how they have never seen t.v. or been on the Internet. He found it quite interesting and is up to the challenge of reconnecting the our family.

I'm not saying it's not a good idea but I love my photos, fb, news from around the world and reading blogs and watching You Tube silly videos.

I believe the hubby has forgotten that this sect of Judaism also has an average of 6 kids and the help of a huge community. Not counting 2000 years of tradition behind their way of life. I was born in Brooklyn around this community though I'm not Jewish I find their traditions amazaing and comforting in a werid way. I have always found religions to be interesting and I'm …

Since Dan's Return

Dan has been back for over a month and what a month it has been.

His first week back we celebrated his birthday in NYC to see the sites and visit my sister.
Everything was ok until the guys started watching the game (Jan. 15) and my sister and I were in the kitchen. Sara was baking Dan a birthday cake.

When we heard a SPLAT sound.

Turns out Boo and Sienna were playing and he jumped off Sienna dresser or bed we have no clue and fractured his leg right leg.

Don’t worry after surgery and a week stay in the doggie hospital Boo came home and is recovering wonderfully. They removed his hip joint and put in a metal plate to hold the bones together so he was non-mobile for the last month. It’s turning out to be a blessing he is walking better then he had in years. Boo’s doctors call him a super star at age 15 he is recovering quicker than they thought he would be.

For the last (2) weeks he is standing on his hind legs and running after toys so we are happy.
Dan’s new job has him on my schedule so h…

Queen Elizabeth II of England (born 1926, daughter of George VI) poses here in February 1952. This is an this official picture from the time when she acceded to the throne. It would not be until June, the following year, that her coronation took place. Queen Eiiabeth II will celebrate her 60 year reign Feb. 6, 2012