Random Thursday Thoughts

Well 2011 is coming to a close three (3) more days. I’m sort of numb about it. This year was tough with my health, all the changes at work, my mother-in-law passing and Dan re-deploying. We encounter many trials.

The great thing is my health has improved, I have decided not to think of my job unless I am actually there, I think of LaVerne everyday just work through the sad moments and Dan is coming home in about (11) days. That worries me.

It’s hard to explain I’m happy but with each deployment I change get more independent learn new things and I become use to the solitude. When Dan comes home it will change to someone ALWAYS being there. There is going to be a readjustment period. Then before I know it once I’m readjusted to being a couple he will be off again doing his job.

Well my game plan is to try and use patience which is the so hard for me. Which will include talking to myself and much prayer- to not get the urge and yell and carry on like a lunatic . I’m planning a holiday dinner with all the trimmings. Dan has requested pumpkin soup, stuffing muffins and turkey. I may bake an early birthday cake.

Last year I was in hospital for his birthday so he didn’t get anything until months later. This year we are hoping to go to NYC to visit my sister. I still haven’t finalized any plans since I am superstition and don’t really believe he’s home until he materialize in front of me.


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