A Brief Post

Like many Americans I was going through many emotions with the anniversary of 9/11, this past weekend. Making my anexity worse is all the volience in Afghanistan has left me drained this week. I have been feeling quite isolated and frustrated. I'm more fearful now then when Dan spent 24 months in Iraq.

Being born and raised in NYC, living in Washington D.C. during 9/11 and being part of the miltary life style for over 15 yrs. 9/11 has personally affected the last 10 yrs of my life.

The storms in the East Coast left me without t.v. for close to a week. So, I had little news coverage. However, my mom kept me a breasted of the world's sorrows which wasn't a comfort. God bless her just the same.

I started working on my dollhouse projects once again so I hope to have new photos up soon. I'm wiring the house now but I found I was out of some componets so I ordered them today.

I have a village kit that has 6 buildings so I want to start on that soon in time for Christmas. There is also Santa's workshop to build. Yes! I'm trying to say busy.

I have to bake cookies and brownies for the church bake sale this weekend. That means the dollhouse projects are put on hold until the weekend.

Until next time!


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