Why do people say stupid things

Sometimes I wish we (military families) would just stop protecting Americans freedom. People are dumb and inconsiderate and just make my life harder then it needs to be:

Below is one of my encounters last week.

Is Dan gone again? He shouldn’t leave you alone like that. You have this disability and all. (secretly thinking : Can you be anymore unAmerican in my eyes at this moment! Plus I been disabled my WHOLE life and I was ok when I was a single living in the city. My husband isn’t my PA he’s my husband!!! ) I mean really do people think this is a choice? When the government or a government agency says you are going to the M.E. you go it’s part of the job.

Thank G-d I don’t have weapons in the house or carry one with me daily though if I had a choice of weapon it would be a M-14.

I’m thanking G-d this is only a 6 month deal. (Secretly lighting candles) Since last time it was suppose to be a year that ended up being over (24) months.

The idiot person wanted to know what my life is like so he is my daily schedule:

Let’s see I wake up at 0430 look at the clock that is set to Afghanistan time it’s (1400) and I wonder what Dan is up to? Where there attacks last night? Should I turn on the news? I decide not to watch CNN. Get showered, dressed, coffee lots of coffee. Feed Boo, play with him a bit he’s got that annoyed look on his face. He senses that it’s almost time for me to leave. Look in the fridge, good I packed my breakfast and lunch last nite. Buying meals at work cost about $220 a month. My monthly commute to work is $270.

Run out the door dammit it’s pouring rain, run back in the house grab my raincoat and secure my wheelchair. Finally on my way to work, Oh how nice just another day dealing with unhappy people. This is why I’m searching for another job daily on USA JOBS almost every nite.

Secret thinking I wish I could say to my clients: We are blessed to have a job. We haven’t been laid off the government is still open. Please Mr. John Doe stop acting out or you are going to be suspended without pay for a month or worse terminated.

Look at the cell phone’s world clock (2030 hours) in Afghanistan. Guess Dan’s eating dinner. I should go get my lunch and go to the bathroom before the next client walks in. (1300) go help out a friend with a problem she’s been needing help for the last week. No one wanted to help her out. (1340) client, (1430) client, (1520) boss wants to see me; (1540-1630) try to finish a report. Leave work at (1645).

It usually takes me 60-90 minutes to get home Beltway horror every day. That’s why I leave way too early for work I can’t be late. I get home around (1800-1830), the dog wants attention, and I have no idea if I want to make dinner first or just fall out on the sofa.

If I make dinner I’m eating at around (1930). Pack up my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. Should I turn on CNN? No! I won’t be able to sleep.

Rather do laundry, wonder if I should try that new face mask I got last week? Stop folding clothes go to the bathroom wash my face and put on the face mask. Go into the kitchen make tea.

Check clock set to Afghanistan time (0630) Dan is getting up or already working. Wonder if they got really showers installed yet? Does he fit in his cot? Mm did he get his laundry done? Did he get my package?

I yell out loud stop thinking drink your tea. Settle into my favorite chair my momma in law gave me and put Boo on my lap and get my NOOK out. Reading the Scarlett letter and talk to Boo. Boo, pastor Dimsdale is a jerk he should be a man and tell the people he is Pearl’s father. Look at the clock, face mask is hard as a dry plaster cast yuck. Get to the bathroom wash off face mask, take a shower, brush and floss teeth and look for my retainer.

Walk in the bedroom turn down the sheets and look in the closet what I’m I wearing tomorrow? Do I have a meeting?

Yawn, walk into the kitchen pick up Boo’s food, check the front and back doors, charge up the wheelchair, turn on the lamp in the living room (I’m afraid of the dark especially during deployments), get in bed with Boo, look at the clock (2230) est. time.

Six hours later……

Alarm goes off (0430) est. time, look at the clock that is set to Afghanistan time (1400) and wonder what Dan is up to? Where there attacks last night? Should I turn on the news? I decide not to watch CNN. Get showered, dressed, coffee lots of coffee.

Yes! When your spouse is deployed it can come to feel like that movie Groundhog Day, but my husband is doing what he loves and if it wasn’t for him and all the other service personnel, I wouldn’t have the freedom to write blog entries without fear of prosecution or death and live out the American dream, which is any dream you want it to be.


God Speed-


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