Help me fight Kidney Disease!

Gigi and her beauitful Mia and loving husband

We are searching for a living donor to save the life of my family member. She is a young wife and mother of a beautiful 3 year old little girl. We had a donor but at the last possible moment they back out. Our hopes at that time crushed.

Gigi is searching for a possible donor with the blood type of (O+). O+ is not as uncommon as many my think the truth is (O positive is the most common Blood type (39%of the population), it is needed more often by people requiring Blood in hospitals.)

Our first ...step is to find someone with the same blood type. Once we determine that, the donor will have to call Gigi’s Transplant Coordinator at NYU Hospital.

After this our involvement is limited. One thing the Transplant committee wants to make sure is that the donor is doing this because they want too and are not being pressured by the recipient (Gigi nor her family). They will test your physical health and your mental health. I'm attaching a link that may be helpful for anyone interested.

Gigi has been on dialysis for almost 2 years. She only has one kidney. When she was born her kidneys did not work. They removed her left kidney and "fixed" her right one. It slowly started to get worst into her adulthood. Let her tell you the rest of her story:

“I was told so many scary things from Doctors. The scariest was when I was told I could not have children. But boy did I prove them wrong... Once I became pregnant they tried to scare me and say I would not go past 7 months... Happy to report I completed 36 weeks pregnant and not only did I make it to the end, I had a wonderful pregnancy. After Mia was born, my kidney did not make it so I started Dialysis a year later... Don't misunderstand me... I would do it all over again for my beautiful Mia! She is healthy, smart, beautiful, and has such an amazing spirit. To know Mia is to love her. With that said... I must fight for her and for my incredible husband who never missed my appointments when I was pregnant and has been holding my hands since. Thank you for reading this and for all the support. May God bless us all.”

If you want would like more information or would like to help my family. Please contact me (301) 770-4953.

Thank you and God Speed,
Jeanette McGurty


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