June 6, 2011

We are at the 14 day mark before June 20 and Dan’s 6 month deployment. For the last (2) weekends we have been out of town visiting family. Last week it was NY this past weekend was Wisconsin. Dan’s mom is currently in rehab since she took a fall a few weeks back so it was great to see her in PT and in high spirits most of the time.

As with each deployment or after each R&R emotions come to a head and that is where I’m currently find myself. Momma LeVerne had blood pressure concerns he pressure was up then down. She is currently in the hospital but for a 95 yr old she is doing great. She can still talk your ear off.

There is also a concern of my aging parents, a grandfather with dementia and an Uncle with cancer. There are moments where I find myself falling apart in the bathroom. However, I only give myself (5) minutes to cry then I pull myself together.

Each time Dan and I are together I take in certain moments I want to keep in my memory for those difficult days that are sure to come.

I have my fingers crossed that nothing breaks in the house when he deploys. It near fails that within (2) weeks something malfunctions.


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